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Meet the Author
– Dmitry Arkhipov
Dmitry is an award-winning wildlife and landscape photographer. He was born in Moscow, Russia, and engaged in photography since his childhood. A physicist by training, he worked for the Russian space program, as both of his parents. He established a well-known IT & Game publishing company.

For more than ten years, Dmitry enjoyed his work as a wildlife photography guide, organizing workshops all over the planet: from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Dmitry photographed in 115 countries, his personal photo exhibitions attracted more than a million people.

Dmitry's achievements in photography:

EFIAP/b (Excellence Bronze, The International Federation of Photographic Art)
MPSA (Master, Photographic Society of America)
More Info
`The photo workshops are about sharing experiences and unforgettable moments through your images...`
Dmitry believes that if you have no financial constraints, then it is better to go on a photography workshop with a group of like-minded friends and with a famous photography guide.

However, especially if you enjoy independent travel, there are numerous advantages to planning and engaging in your own itinearies.
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