South Iceland Photography Guide

For beginners and professionals
South Iceland Photography Guide
For beginners and professionals

Planning the trip

South Iceland
Iceland is the land of fire and ice. The gigantic glaciers rubbing shoulders with the scorching underground temperatures create a truly remarkable landscape covered with volcanoes and crater lakes, waterfalls and thermal springs, black sandy beaches and lava fields, colorful mountains and geysers.
Local nights here are not without mystery. -- Above all the natural splendor, one can often spot the Northern lights illuminating the sky and the surrounding landscape. The small and sparsely populated island overflows with various scenic locales, making Iceland a kind of Mecca for landscape photographers.
You should plan your trip to Iceland well in advance. Since the country is small, touristy, and hotels are seldom empty, you need to secure yourself a place to stay, preferably a year before the trip. Iceland is not one of those countries which you can go to spontaneously.
After traveling through the south of Iceland, you can head north. You may check our photography guide about Northern Iceland here.
Below, I've listed the recommended stopping locations. You can visit the nearby photo locations making short trips from there.

Usefull Information

To read before the trip
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