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21 – Palazzo Conti *

HOW to get there
Расстояние от Пиенцы: 6 км
Время в пути: 9 минут

Выезжайте из Пиенцы на дорогу SS146 и двигайтесь по ней на запад в направлении Сан-Квирико-д'Орча.
A little bit to the north of the Capella Vitaleta, there's another place of photographic interest – Palazzo Conti. From the place, there's a beautiful view on the serpentine road, as well as a photogenic view on the adjacent valleys and fields with a bit of a hilly landscape in the background. There are a few picturesque villas nearby both to the left and to the right of the photo point.
Photography recommendations
This is a good drone location. At sunrise, start from the photo point and fly over the surrounding fields. If you're lucky, there might be a descending fog that will give your photographs that much-needed extra emphasis.