Tuscany guide

19 – View of Podere Belvedere ***

Symbol of Tuscany
Exit Pienza to the SS146 road and head west towards San Quirico d'Orcia.

Distance from Pienza: 8.9 km (~5.5 mi)
Travel time: 14 minutes
Villa Podere Belvedere rises among the picturesque Tuscan hills. It is now a hotel and a popular agritourism destination. The photo point, which is located right next to the villa, has become an iconic spot among photographers from around the world. Please be careful while walking through the surrounding fields, the locals are not always welcoming.
Photography recommendations
The photo point is located 50 meters (~165 ft) from the parking lot. Walk across the field along the path. There’s another location from which I recommend trying a different angle and it’s next to a cluster of trees and a cross on the field, just go around the farm whichever is nearest to the parking lot. It’s better to shoot at sunrise.