southern iceland guide

S37 – Laufskálavarða ridge

A pyramid for good luck
how to get there
Distance from Vic ~ 40 km (25 mi)
Travel time ~ 30 min

Head from Vic by following Route 1 to the northeast.
The Laufskálavarða lava ridge is located in the Südürland region in the south of the island. There’s a peculiar tradition connected to the place: the first-time travelers trekking across the black sands would leave little stacks of stones for good luck. If you’re driving past, take your time, stop by and build your own little stone pyramid.

Here once stood the large farm Laufskálar the first in the country to be mentioned in historical sources, however, it disappeared as a result of an eruption of Katla in 894 having fathered a lava ridge instead.
From here, it’s easy to get to Landmannalaugar by roads 209, 208 (drive a 4x4 only).