35 - Katla Geopark *

First Geopark of Iceland
Distance from Vic ~ 16 km (10mi)
Travel time ~ 25 min

From the village of Vic, take Route 1 and head east for 5 km (3 mi), then turn to Kerlingardalsvegur, which leads to geopark.
Katla Global Geopark is Iceland's first geopark.

Katla Geopark is located in the southern part of the country and lies between the rivers Eystri Rangá and Núpsvötn in the south. In the park, you will find volcanoes, glaciers, black beaches, lava fields, and waterfalls.

Take a ride from the village of Vic: on your way, you will see beautiful views of landscapes overlooking the river and lava fields. Stop at the observation deck and take some pictures. The path ends with a campsite in a beautiful valley where you can spend the night.

Photograph the Icelandic rivers from the above with a drone.

36 - Þakgil

Camping Þakgil is located in a beautiful valley, surrounded by mountains that protect this place from the wind. From here you can hike along hiking trails in the mountains. From above, there are wonderful views of the Mýrdalsjökull and Kötlujökull glaciers and the valley.

You can stay here with your own tent or rent a cabin. There are showers and toilets on the campground. The kitchen is located in a small cave with benches and tables, a fireplace and barbecues, and candles - in general, everything you need to have an unforgettable picnic.