southern iceland guide

S25 – Nauthúsagil Waterfall *

Secret place in the Nautusagil gorge
How to get there
Distance from Vic ~ 62 km (39 mi)
Travel time ~ 1 hour

From the city of Vic, follow Route 1 towards the capital. Before the bridge over the ford, turn right onto highway 249, follow along for one kilometer and then leave your car at a free parking lot.
There are many places in Iceland that are not mentioned in travel guides and which are hidden from the eyes of hungry travelers. Nauthúsagil Falls is one of those natural wonders and hidden gems. From the outside, the canyon looks unremarkable, but once inside, you'll find yourself in a fabulous labyrinth. The rowan grows on the rims of the gorge, creating a see-through roof in some places, which covers the gorge from above and adds to its mystique. It is beautiful when the sun shines through the rowan and into the gorge.

Nauthúsagil translates as “Bull Shed Ravine" because of its close location to Stóra-Mörk farm, where the bulls used to graze with other non-milking stock.

The trail along the gorge is not easy, you'll have to walk on the stones in the water along the stream, holding on to the chains stretched over the water. Wear rubber boots as you will have to walk along the stream. The walk with breaks for taking pictures will take approximately 20 minutes. At the end of the trail, you will be rewarded for your efforts – a beautiful waterfall inside the gorge.