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S21 – Kerlingarfjöll mountain range ***

how to get there
Distance from Keflavik airport ~ 240 km (150 mi)
Travel time ~ 5 hours

From Keflavik airport, drive the highway 41 to Reykjavik. In the city, take Route 1 and head east, then turn to the road 35. As soon as you see the unpaved road, it means you're on the F35 highway, which leads directly to the parking lot near the Kerlingarfjöll Mountain Resort. There's a heavy-going road that leads to the ridge, so make sure you drive a 4x4 car.
Kerlingarfjöll is a beautiful rhyolite mountain range (1477 m; 4846 ft) on the Icelandic plateau, formed about 10,000 years ago. The mountain range is part of a large, 100 square km (39 square miles) volcanic system. In the midst of these reddish rhyolite hills, there are many hot springs and streams. Minerals, which have emerged from the hot springs, color the ground red, yellow, and green. The ridge pinnacles are topped with small glaciers.

Until 2000, there was a summer ski resort, which was later closed. On May 17, 2017, the Kerlingarfjöll area was declared a protected nature reserve. You can stay overnight and relax next to the mountain range at the Kerlingarfjöll Mountain Resort. It has a free parking lot and a restaurant.
Leave your car in the parking lot. From the parking lot, walk towards the stream. Here you will see beautiful Martian landscapes and many interesting subjects for shooting. The shots from this place won international competitions. Good location for drone photography.