Southern iceland guide

S11,12,13 – Veiðivötn **

The land of the picturesque Veiðivötn volcanic lakes
how to get there
Distance from Hrauneyjar Highland Center ~ 34 km (21 mi)
Travel time ~ 50 min.

From the Highland Center, head east along F26 and then turn onto F228. The heavy-going road F228 with two deep river fords requires driving a 4x4 with high ground clearance. Before every river ford, walk out the car and check the river depth.

For more information on Icelandic roads, please read the section Traveling in Iceland.
The many lakes of Veiðivötn comprise around fifty large and small lakes located in the barren Icelandic highlands. The waters that reflect the sky above as though a mirror, the shores that are covered with black volcanic sand, the green mountains and hills around -- everything speaks unearthly beauty and tranquility.

There are fishing houses nearby where you can stay overnight. There are not many tourists around, it’s mostly fishermen and photographers who come here.
I suggest three main photography points to start with, but there are many more interesting angles that you can discover, so get creative. If you capture the lakes from the hills, you will get beautiful images of lakes with reflecting the sky. That’s also a good drone location.