Southern iceland guide

S10 – Lake Blahylur*

Blue water crater
How to get there
Distance from Hrauneyjar Highland Center ~ 32 km (20 mi)
Travel time ~ 50 min.

From the Highland Center, head east on F26 and then turn to F208. The road F208 that leads to the lake is heavy-going and difficult to drive, it’s imperative you drive a 4x4.
Lake Blahylur (or Hnausapollur) is located in the central highlands of Iceland at an altitude of 600 meters (1969 ft), in the crater of a volcano that was formed as a result of another eruption about 1100 years ago. Blahylur means” the blue pool” in Icelandic. Indeed, the water in the lake is of a very beautiful deep blue color, which comes in stark contrast to the brown-black volcanic rocks surrounding the crater.
Take a detour to the place on your way to Landmannalaugar.Climb to the top, stand next to the crater, and shoot a panorama of the lake with the reflecting sky.