SOuthern iceland guide

06 – Laugahraun lava field *

Distance from Hrauneyjar Highland Center ~ 38 km (24 mi)
Travel time ~ 1 hour

From the Highland Center, drive east on F26 and then turn onto F208.
When we follow the Landmannalaugar Valley to the rhyolite mountains, we pass through the Laugahraun lava field, which was formed in an eruption of the Brennisteinsalda volcano around the year 1477. Despite its small area, it is a fairly picturesque lava field, which is made up of basalt volcanic mass and shiny black obsidian stones.
You can photograph Laugahraun at any time of day. Aim the camera to the south so that the field is in the foreground and the mountain range is in the back. Shoot at the lowest aperture possible to maintain the maximum depth of field in the frame.