southern Iceland guide

S05 – Lake Frostastaðavatn *

Distance from Hrauneyjar Highland Center ~ 36 km (22 mi)
Travel time ~ 1 hour

From the Highland Center, head east along F26 and then turn onto F208.
The path to the colorful hills of Landmannalaugar runs along the banks of Frostastaðavatn. This beautiful lake is nestled among green mossy hills and frozen volcanic formations. At one location, the frozen lava looks like it was melted in the sun and trickled down into the lake.

There are a parking lot and an observation deck on the lake with a wonderful view of the crater of the Stutur volcano.
A beautiful volcanic landscape, solidified gray-black lava formations in contrast with the greenish-blue water of the lake.
Several volcanic cones will be visible in the background.

A good drone location, provided there are no strong winds.