PSA Recognitions and Honors (2017)
How to earn your first honors and achievments
PSA Recognition is grouped into two categories: recognition of photographic achievement and recognition of service to PSA and to photography as a whole.

Photographic Achievement
There are many avenues for a PSA member to earn photographic recognition.

  • STAR RATINGS are earned from participation and acceptance in PSA-approved exhibitions.
  • Amassed Star Ratings are converted into PSA Recognition of Photographic Achievement (ROPA) distinctions of PPSA, EPSA, MPSA, GMPSA, GMPSA/b, GMPSA/s, GMPSA/g, GMPSA/s, or GMPSA/p;
  • PORTFOLIO DISTINCTIONS (LPPSA, APPSA, MPPSA) are earned from a body of work
  • Plaques, Medals, Ribbons, and Certificates are won from participation in club or individual competitions; or from recognition of extraordinary achievement in the field of photography.
The Society could not run without its volunteers and so recognizes the dedicated service of its members. Members may be awarded a PSA HONORS designation of APSA, FPSA, HonPSA, or HonFPSA. Others may receive specific division or other service awards.