northern iceland guide

N14 - Hverfjall **

Distance from Reykjahlíð ~ 6 km (3.7 mi)
Travel time ~ 5 minutes

Take road 848 from the east side of Mývatn until the turn to Hverfjall.
The huge crater of the Hverfjall volcano is another picturesque natural landmark in Iceland. The tuff ring of one kilometer was formed about 2,500 years ago as a result of an avalanche eruption in the northern part of the island and on the eastern side of Lake Mývatn.

During the eruption, the incandescent lava was rapidly spreading, and lava bombs fell and froze in the form of unusual rock formations, making up the current landscape of the Dimmuborgir valley and the crater of Hverfjall.

You can admire the crater from the side or you can climb to its top along the hiking trails leading from the parking lots near the southern and northern slopes. The path of about 600 meters (1969 ft) will take approximately 20 minutes. After looking inside the large black crater, I recommend walking along the edge of the volcano, observing and photographing the views of lava fields, mountains, pseudocraters, and fumaroles. The total circumference of the crater is 3.2 km (2 mi) and the entire route will take about one hour and a half.
photography recommendations
You can take great pictures if you photograph from a drone at golden hour. Take panoramic shots from above.