14 - Passo di Giau **

High mountain pass in Dolomites
32046 Passo di Giau, San Vito di Cadore,
Province of Belluno, Italy

Distance from Cortina d'Ampezzo ~16 km (~10 mi)
Travel time ~25 min

From Cortina d'Ampezzo, head west on SS51/SR48, turn right onto Via Cesare Battisti/SR48 (signs for SS51/Dobbiaco), and at the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto SR48. Then turn left onto SP638. After approximately 7 km (~ 4 mi) turn left again onto Passo di Giau/SP638.
Passo di Giau is a high mountain pass (2,236 m) in the Dolomites which connects Cortina d'Ampezzo with Colle Santa Lucia and Selva di Cadore. Passo is located in the center of a vast mountain pasture at the foot of Nuvolau and dell'Averau.
Passo is a great photo spot particularly because of the triangular shape of an adjacent mountain Ra Gusela. Directly from the spot, you can see both Ra Gusela and Cernera mountains.

This is a good sunrise location during which you can capture the reflection of the surrounding mountains and peaks in the pond in the foreground. However, during certain seasons (say, autumn and winter), the pond can be so shallow, it would be no more than a puddle of water. If you happen to be around the time when it's big enough to take the reflection from the mountains in the background, then try to catch that view.

On the photo map above, you can see three points, all three aimed north or a little to the north west. One aims directly at Ria Gusela. Shoot from the pond up north aiming your camera exactly at the mountain. The other one up the mountain with a bit of a spiral road in the range.

Also, if you own a drone, take it with you to capture spectacular views from above.