04 - Lago di Misurina **

The largest lake of the Cadore, "the Pearl of the Dolomites"
Lago di Misurina, boats on water
Lago di Misurina
032041 Lake Misurina, Auronzo di Cadore,
Province of Belluno, Italy

Distance from Cortina d'Ampezzo ~15 km (~9 mi)

Travel time ~20 min.

It's really easy to head off Cortina to Lago di Misurina -- just drive through SR48 and you'll arrive at the destination in about 15 to 22 minutes.
about lago di misurina
Lago di Misurina is the largest lake of the Cadore, a historical region of Veneto, which is located 1,754 meters (~5755 ft) above sea level. There are a few hotels nearby, however, please check beforehand since some are closed during certain seasons. If you're interested in history, the lake was the location for the speed skating events that were held back in 1956 during the Winter Olympics.

Misurina lays on the route to the Dolomites Gold Cup Race, which is an automobile race on roads open to public traffic in Italy, revived since 1972.
The lake is of particular interest to photographers thanks to gorgeous views that open up from its shores. It's been dubbed as "the Pearl of the Dolomites," and not without reason -- the lake's beauty and splendor, the favorable microclimate, the stunning scenery nearby, such as Monte Cristallo or the Sorapis group -- all make the lake one of the must-visit destinations for both professional and amateur photographers alike.

The famous pictures of the lake usually include the reflection of the San Bernardo Opera Diocesan Rehabilitation Center (yellow building) or just pure sunset or clouds drifting by in the sky.

This is the perfect place to shoot at sunset -- capture the images of descending sun, burgundy sky with a few fluffy clouds above -- a dream spot for both leisure and photography.

While you can attempt taking pictures at sunrise, the sun comes above from behind the mountains and the lake cannot be as picturesque on the picture as it could be.

Take a look at the photography map: the first and main photo point is up the north, where you can shoot the lake at sunset with the mountains in the background beautifully illuminated by the setting sun rays.