07 - Vintgar Gorge *

A scenic trail along the gorge
Podhom 57, 4247 Spodnje Gorje, Slovenia

From Lake Bled ~ 5 km (~ 3 mi)
Travel time by car ~ 10 minutes

The nature reserve is located 5 km (~ 3 mi) from Lake Bled, it is easily accessible by car, train, bicycle, and even on foot. The train stops at Podhom Station. It's a 1.5 km (~ 1 mi) walk from the station to the canyon.
Historical and geographical reference
Vintgar Gorge and Blejski Gorge are the different names for the same mountain forest reserve four kilometers (2.5 mi) from the lake. The Gorge was discovered in 1891 by Jacob Žumer, the mayor of the local settlement Gorje, when he was having a walk with his friend Mr. Benedikt Lergetporer, a cartographer and photographer from Bled. Both were amazed by the beauty of the natural wonder with its dense green foliage and turquoise backwaters between steep cliffs.

Žumer quickly realized the gorge's potential as a tourist attraction. However, since it was a dangerous and wild site, the mayor ordered the construction of a secured tourist trail, which turned out to be an extremely demanding undertaking. Nevertheless, soon enough there appeared the trails, narrow passages, and bridges along the river. Then there was a dam and a massive stone bridge. By doing so, Žumer bestowed an amazingly beautiful natural tourist attraction to generations to come and made the place one of the most visited not only in Slovenia but throughout Europe.
Take a tripod and a wide-angle lens with you. I recommend visiting Vintgar before it closes, this way there won't be many tourists. The entrance ticket is €10, the parking is €15. You may check the tariffs and opening hours at the official website: Closer to the end of fall, the Gorge closes at 4 pm.